Resume of Donald Chesley

Donald Chesley
575 Main Street Apt. 206
Roosevelt Island, NY 10044
(516) 825-9442 (h)



B.A. Columbia College, NYC Feb. 1973
M. Phil., Physics Department, Columbia University Oct. 1976
Linux certification LPI Level 1 (Oct. 2003), LPI Level 2 (Apr. 2004)

Computer Experience:

2000 to present:
Networking and system administration:
small networks (~20 nodes) containing machines running Mac OS 7, 8, 9, X, Win95, Win98, Win NT 4.0 Win Enterprise Server 2003; OpenBSD (Intel & PowerPC processors), Linux (Red Hat 5.2 through 9.0, SuSE on Intel, Yellow Dog on PowerPC), FreeBSD; installation and configuration of ethernet and WiFi cards, DSL and cable modems, Linksys and Asante routers. Hands-on experience with installation, maintainence, and troubleshooting for all above OS's

Interfacing of YSI sondes (electronic water quality probes) with PCs running W98, Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD; ultimate goal is Internet deployment of such sondes in NYC DEP project, possibly in conjunction with Stevens Institute of Technology

WiFi setup and administration:
802.11b access point on Intel/OpenBSD/FreeBSD. and HostAP on Linux, with clients and ad-hoc networks on Mac OS 9, X, Win95, Win98, Win2000, Win2003 Enterprise Server, Win XP, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Linux (Intel & PowerPC); reviewed O'Reilly book 802.11 Security in September 2003 issue of ACM Queue magazine

1997 to present:
Web design and implementation, using HTML, Java, Javascript, Perl, Linux/Unix shell scripting, PostgreSQL, 10BaseT protocol analysis, TCP/IP, 802.2, 802.3, routing; clients included Abbe Gale Hats, Fern Devlin Design, South Street Seaport Museum. System maintainence, including installation and troubleshooting various graphical packages on macs and Windows

Jan. 1996 to May 2002:
C and C++ Programmer, and technical writer, Required Technologies, Inc. - database engine development, documentation, and patent preparation, including the pleasure of collaborating with world-famous database expert Chris Date

Jan. 1992 to 1996:
Independent contractor, continuing to work for EIS and Televector on same projects as when employed full time

Aug. 1990 to Dec. 1991:
Programmer/analyst at EIS, Stamford CT
C, FoxPro, X86 assembly language, R&R Report Writer for development of interface between EIS dialing switch and Novell LAN; troubleshooting on customer sites at Columbia University, Tufts University, GE ASI

1983 to 1990:
Programmer in Z80 assembler and C at Televector, Inc.,
manufacturer of automated telephone diallers; company acquired (in part) by EIS (Stamford CT) in 1990

Teaching Experience:

1970 to present:
Extensive tutoring experience, at elementary school through college level, of math, sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), computers, foreign language (Latin, French)

Sep. 1999 to present:
Teaching in NYC public schools (3rd-8th grades) as guest teacher for South Street Seaport Museum Education Department. Six and twelve week programs consisted of one period per class per week (usually four classes at each school), covering basic marine science, and including training of teachers in staff development sessions, integrating computer technology, and field trips aboard Pioneer.

Sep. 1998 to Jan. 1999:
Adjunct professor at Kingsborough Community College, teaching sailing and marlinspike seamanship labs, with ancillary Web-page material

Feb. 1993 to Apr.1995:
Research assistant at Baruch College, City University of N. Y., with computer lab teaching responsibilities, and original research in hypercomplex numbers; also taught lecture classes in basic math, hypercomplex numbers, & Environmental Science

1978 to 1982 (approx.):
New York Institute of Technology Adjunct professor of Physics and Mathematics

Maritime Experience:

April 2003 to present:
Relief captain/narrator on electric launch Independence at the Boathouse Audubon Center in Prospect Park

Sep. 2000 to present:
Relief captain on schooner Pioneer, owned/operated by South Street Seaport Museum.

1985 to 2000:
Relief first mate and educator on schooner Pioneer, including on-board and in-classroom teaching of 4th-6th grades.